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Please note that we have been notified that effective 1 January 2017, new procedures have come into place when individuals are transferring their residence to the UK. This involves a new system where clients are required to complete an online application which replaces the current C3 form. This online form will need to be completed by the importer of the personal effects and must be completed before the goods are shipped.

Effective 1st January the below is also required:

  • Packing list, manifest and/or insurance documents detailing all the items within the consignment which includes separate values for all individual items and advise the total value for the entire shipment.
  • The unique declaration number which is provided by HMRC upon successful application, which will also be required to finalize the customs clearance in the UK.
  • Commodity codes are mandatory for the new process and if needed, we will require clarification on certain codes as needed to complete the clearance.

Please note that if goods are being sent to a relative DUTY/VAT will need to be paid at destination. The only exception will be if items have been left in a will and will be inherited by the consignee for which there is already a procedure in place.

To view more information on the above procedure please click here which has been provided my the UK Government.

Should you need to use this form in future shipments, please click here to fill out the online application and send to

Please contact your local Consol Alliance Sales Representative if you need further information.